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Communicating with your Significant Other: 4 Hot Tips

You know those arguments you always have with your significant other?

The ones where you both argue about the exact same thing in the exact same way and get nowhere?

(You load the dishwasher wrong… and you spend too much money!)

Yeah, those.

They might be trivial at the start, but they will inevitably fester and threaten the strength of the relationship over time.

We might nod our heads and agree with that, but when we start trying to think about how to communicate differently—in a way that builds a relationship rather than tearing it down—we get stuck.

We feel like we’re destined to argue about the same thing for eternity.

Here’s the good news, friends: there’s always a way out.*

In fact, that’s exactly what Mollie Eliasof told me last week when she joined me over on Instagram to talk all about relationships.

Mollie is a couples therapist and relationship expert who specializes in helping power couples maximize their success in love and...

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How to Live with Roommates

The trashcan still hadn’t been emptied.

The pan I wanted to use was on the stove, soaking in water, just like it had been yesterday.

And the bathroom was gross.

Living with roommates was fun, but some days it just got on my nerves.

I couldn’t understand why some people just didn’t value a clean house as much as I did.

Or how they could be so loud when getting ready in the morning.

Can you relate?

I lived with roommates for nearly ten years and today I’m sharing five strategies that have helped me immensely in learning to enjoy living with them, rather than just tolerate it.

If you’re looking to move in with friends or just hoping to improve your relationship with your current roommates, grab your beverage of choice and keep reading!

(And make sure you read until the end, because I share my thoughts on what to do if you live with a roommate who just doesn’t care).

Strategy 1: Agree on a plan for chores – and write it down.

Trust me on...

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