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How to Declutter your Phone and Increase your Productivity

master everyday life Jul 16, 2020

I have a love/hate relationship with my phone.

I love all the things it enables me to do – run my business on the go, stay connected to my family and friends, avoid traffic, order takeout, update my calendar, listen to podcasts, take pictures… it’s such a good tool.

But I hate how it can easily control me. Every ding, buzz, and red bubble notification is like a siren demanding me to PAY ATTENTION NOW—and before I know it, I’ve spent countless minutes just “keeping up” with everything my phone tells me I need to do.

Here’s the good news, friends:

You can take back control.


By setting your phone up to serve you and your needs, rather than you serving it.

Wondering exactly what that looks like?

I’ve got you covered ;)

Step 1: Turn off (almost) all your notifications

I recommend turning every single notification off, except for your texts and reminders. Let them pop-up on your screen but turn off the sound – that way...

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The Secret to Motivation

master everyday life Jul 09, 2020

I have a confession to make.

I’m never motivated to wash my face at night.

Like, ever.

By the time 10pm rolls around, I’m just tired.

Splashing cold water on my face feels downright cruel, and my makeup has smudged itself off anyways, so I don’t even “see” the need to spread cleanser all over it.

Here’s the thing, though: I somehow always manage to wash my face—even though I never feel like it and even though the consequences of not doing so aren’t really all that bad.


I have a nightly plan—a routine—that includes washing my face.

And because I have the plan, I just execute it.

I don’t wait for motivation to come.

I don’t even expect it to come.

But because I have a plan, it gets done.

Sister, I think we can get so much done when we do feel motivated that when the motivation goes away we think we can’t keep going.

And that’s just not true.

Motivation is a fickle friend. It will come and go.


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3 Tips to Make Moving (Almost) Easy

master everyday life Jul 02, 2020

Moving is hard.

There’s no way around it – even if you’re not moving very far, the logistics required to pack, clean, and organize in a very short period of time can be downright overwhelming.

While I might not be a moving expert, I’ve moved 8 times in the last 13 years (including one cross-country move) and I’ve learned a few things that have helped streamline the entire process for me.

Want to know my secrets?

Read on, sister – you know I’m here for all this practical life stuff ;)

Tip 1: Number Each Box

Buy a sharpie and put a number on every box you pack. Use the notes app on your phone to make a list of the box number and the general things that are inside.

  • Box 1: Workout clothes, extra picture frames
  • Box 2: Bowls and Mugs
  • Box 3: Cookbooks

This has helped me SO much when it’s time to unpack – rather than dig around in countless boxes, I know exactly where to look.

Tip 2: Research Internet Providers and Schedule an...

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Is multitasking bad?

master everyday life Jun 25, 2020

We’ve all heard it: don’t multitask. Your brain can only really focus on one thing at a time.

For the most part, I agree. I find I’m much more productive and efficient when I give 100% to one task and then move to the next.

But, when I’m doing a mindless task (like folding laundry), I find that doing another more “mindful” task at the same time doesn’t detract from my productivity or efficiency—in fact, pairing a mindless task with a mindful task can often make the mindless task far more enjoyable.

(And of course, it saves TONS of a time, and you know I’m all about that!)

Want to test it out this mindless/mindful multitasking idea?  

1: Start by making a quick list of your weekly “mindless” tasks.

These could be things like:

  • Folding laundry
  • Blow drying your hair
  • Cleaning
  • Walking
  • Prepping lunches
  • Driving to work/errands

2: Then make a list of more “mindful” tasks you could pair with the...

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How to Balance Competing Deadlines at Work

master everyday life Jun 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to handle competing deadlines at work?

If so, you’re not alone – having multiple projects due at the same time isn’t uncommon but figuring out how to get it all done can be tough.

I quickly encountered this problem during my very first job after college. I was serving as a paralegal for a large law firm in DC, which meant I worked for several “teams” of lawyers… none of whom communicated with each other.

(This meant I could have three big deadlines for three separate teams all on the same day… and I didn’t have a single “boss” I could talk with to help me sort out which project to do first.)

It was… stressful.

Over time, I developed a few strategies that helped me figure out exactly what to do when the dilemma of competing deadlines came knocking—and I’m going to spill them all below.

You ready?

Let’s dive right in.

Strategy 1: Work ahead

As much as possible, try to get...

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Car Maintenance 101

master everyday life May 28, 2020

I put the key into the ignition and glanced at the dashboard in my car.

Was that a new light blinking?


I reached over and grabbed my owner’s manual out of the glovebox and turned to the troubleshooting section, scanning the list of “warning symbols” until I found the one that was blinking.

It was telling me to “check engine.”

Was that important?

I called my dad.

It was.

Very important. Like so important that I called my boss, told him I’d be late to work, and drove straight to the car service place.

Have you ever felt a little lost when it comes to your car? You know to fill it up with gas when it gets low and maybe to take it in for a state inspection once a year or so… but outside of that, you feel like I did with the check engine light: pretty clueless.

I get you, sister.

If you want the 101 on making sure your car is as healthy as possible, below is a list of what I suggest you do. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but...

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Communicating with your Significant Other: 4 Hot Tips

You know those arguments you always have with your significant other?

The ones where you both argue about the exact same thing in the exact same way and get nowhere?

(You load the dishwasher wrong… and you spend too much money!)

Yeah, those.

They might be trivial at the start, but they will inevitably fester and threaten the strength of the relationship over time.

We might nod our heads and agree with that, but when we start trying to think about how to communicate differently—in a way that builds a relationship rather than tearing it down—we get stuck.

We feel like we’re destined to argue about the same thing for eternity.

Here’s the good news, friends: there’s always a way out.*

In fact, that’s exactly what Mollie Eliasof told me last week when she joined me over on Instagram to talk all about relationships.

Mollie is a couples therapist and relationship expert who specializes in helping power couples maximize their success in love and...

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How to Stop Procrastinating

master everyday life Apr 16, 2020

I was listening to a podcast a few months ago, and one of the guests shared a story that made me laugh and feel understood all at once.

She explained that she and her husband had some repairs done on their home and somehow the hot water heater “on” switch was wired to the backyard flood lights.

Not the end of the world, but if they wanted to take a hot shower, they had to turn on the backyard lights.

Now, there was an easy fix to this: a two-minute call to the electrician, asking for a quick visit to get things rewired.

But, as she admitted, she didn’t make this call for six months and spent that time explaining to multiple guests that if they wanted a hot shower they had to head downstairs and turn on the lights before heading back upstairs to the shower.

That’s the part that made me laugh.

How many times have I also put off a two-minute task and ended up dealing with some annoying workaround because that two minute thing felt like TOO MUCH WORK?


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How to Organize Important Papers

master everyday life Apr 09, 2020

For a long time, I didn’t know what to do with “important papers.”

You know – tax documents, medical receipts, my birth certificate.

I tried stacking everything on my desk/the kitchen table for long time… but that just morphed into a huge pile of random things. (Birthday cards, tags I cut off clothes… you name it).

I then tried stacking everything in a specific corner of my desk – and while that was more successful, I still had to dig through the entire stack every time I was looking for specific piece of paper.

I finally found a foolproof (and EASY to maintain) solution – you ready for it?

I bought an actual file box (with folders and hanging dividers).

And then I created folders for each category of important papers.

And then I filed the papers in the correct folder and added new papers to the folders when I got them.

And I never had to go searching for an important paper again.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Want to see my file box?...

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5 Quick Weeknight Meals (and Meals from Pantry Staples)

master everyday life Mar 26, 2020

Don’t have time to cook an “impressive” dinner every night, but still want to cook healthy (and tasty) meals?

Or maybe you do have time (hey there, COVID-19), but feel stuck in a rut and don’t have any ideas what to cook… or don’t know what to cook with what you have?

I’ve got you, girl!

I’ve spent the past year trying to create a “go-to” list of recipes that my husband and I can enjoy and make quickly and I'm here to share them with you today. 

I’ve listed out five of our favorites below, but I also wanted to share some quick round-ups from my favorite cooking blogs of meals you can make with pantry staples. I know getting to the store might not be possible with COVID-19 and/or money might be tight, so I want to give you some “right now” resources, too:

15 Pantry Recipes for Emergency Preparedness (Budget Bytes)

50 Pantry-Friendly Recipes and Substitutions that Work (Cookie & Kate –...

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