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How to Balance Competing Deadlines at Work

master everyday life Jun 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to handle competing deadlines at work?

If so, you’re not alone – having multiple projects due at the same time isn’t uncommon but figuring out how to get it all done can be tough.

I quickly encountered this problem during my very first job after college. I was serving as a paralegal for a large law firm in DC, which meant I worked for several “teams” of lawyers… none of whom communicated with each other.

(This meant I could have three big deadlines for three separate teams all on the same day… and I didn’t have a single “boss” I could talk with to help me sort out which project to do first.)

It was… stressful.

Over time, I developed a few strategies that helped me figure out exactly what to do when the dilemma of competing deadlines came knocking—and I’m going to spill them all below.

You ready?

Let’s dive right in.

Strategy 1: Work ahead

As much as possible, try to get...

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How to Make Everyday Decisions

manage everyday life Jun 11, 2020

I stared at the bare walls of my bedroom.

I had moved into a house with some roommates several months earlier, and I still hadn’t hung a single thing on my walls.

It wasn’t for lack of having things to hang – I had plenty – I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to hang and where I wanted to hang it.

I somehow thought that if I avoided hanging anything, I’d have a moment of inspiration and know exactly what I wanted to hang and where.

Problem was, this moment of inspiration never came.

And so my walls stayed white and empty for months.

Can you relate?

Do you constantly struggle to figure out what decision to make and obsess over what the “right” and “wrong” choice is?

If so, keep reading: I’m going to debunk a myth about “right” decisions and then give you a very practical three-step framework that has helped me make decisions and move ahead, rather than get stuck in endless circles trying to...

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How to Prepare for an Interview

find a job Jun 04, 2020

It was spring break during my senior year of college.

I was in Washington, DC for the very first time, walking (in heels) to my very first in-person interview for a “real job.”

I didn’t know what to expect—to be honest, I was more concerned with arriving to the correct place on time (I didn’t have google maps on my purple blackberry back then) than I was with the interview itself.

But once I arrived and sat in the fancy lobby, I felt nervous.

Was I wearing the right outfit? Could I explain why I wanted this job without stumbling over my words? I was about to find out… and that scared me.

(Spoiler: I ended up getting the job after a few tense weeks "waiting to hear back.")


If you’re prepping for an interview right now, friend, congratulations! I’ve been both the interviewer and the interviewee over the years, and today I’m sharing a few tips to help you feel as prepared and confident as possible.

(And no worries –...

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Car Maintenance 101

master everyday life May 28, 2020

I put the key into the ignition and glanced at the dashboard in my car.

Was that a new light blinking?


I reached over and grabbed my owner’s manual out of the glovebox and turned to the troubleshooting section, scanning the list of “warning symbols” until I found the one that was blinking.

It was telling me to “check engine.”

Was that important?

I called my dad.

It was.

Very important. Like so important that I called my boss, told him I’d be late to work, and drove straight to the car service place.

Have you ever felt a little lost when it comes to your car? You know to fill it up with gas when it gets low and maybe to take it in for a state inspection once a year or so… but outside of that, you feel like I did with the check engine light: pretty clueless.

I get you, sister.

If you want the 101 on making sure your car is as healthy as possible, below is a list of what I suggest you do. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but...

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How often should you go to the doctor?

manage everyday life May 21, 2020

“Your Vitamin B levels are really low,” she told me.

I was surprised. I was young and felt healthy. Something was wrong with me?

But I hadn’t been to the doctor in years. Once I moved to Washington DC after college, it just didn’t feel necessary… and it also felt like a whole lot of work.

(Finding a doctor in a new city, booking an appointment, taking time off work… yeah, no thanks).

But, after a few friends (kindly) forced me to figure it all out, I did.

And that’s when I learned that I was dangerously low on Vitamin B levels.

(In case you’re wondering, Vitamin B affects energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism—among other things).

The doctor told me to start taking a supplement and I was able to get my levels back up again after a few months, but the whole experienced convinced me that regular doctors appointments weren’t optional.

They were necessary.

If you’re feeling like I was a few years ago –...

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Should you have a credit card?

manage your money May 14, 2020

I recently taught a live budgeting masterclass, and one of the participants asked a really good question during our Q&A time:

Should I have a credit card?

Much of the conversation around credit cards can feel overwhelming and even a little controversial. Some people love them and have several with various perks/discounts and others believe they’re not at all helpful to have and it can be tough to figure out what’s right for you.

If you’re trying to do just that, I recommend asking yourself this question:

Would having a credit card tempt me to buy things I technically don’t have the money to pay for right now?

If the answer is yes, stick with your debit card and/or cash and don’t get a credit card. Going into credit card debt is never wise—and paying off the debt is pricey, because you accrue interest (at a very high rate) on whatever you don’t pay off in full each month and this interest adds up quickly.

If the answer is no, go...

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The Magic of 5 Minutes

manage everyday life May 07, 2020

Want to know a secret?

Starting your day with focus and intention doesn’t require getting up super early or having a carefully crafted schedule.

It doesn’t require a magic potion, hot lemon water, or a cold shower, either.

In fact, it just requires one thing: setting your alarm for five minutes earlier.

Yes, just five.

Here’s where the magic comes in.

If you use that five minutes to do one or two small things that calm your heart and remind you of what matters most, you’ll find that your entire day feels better.

You won’t be rushed, frantic, and already late the second your alarm goes off.

Instead, you’ll be reminded of what matters – and that can have a profound impact on how you act and think throughout the day.

Want to try it out?

(I seriously recommend it – and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it, too).

Here are a few ideas on what to do during that five minutes – feel free to pick one or two or choose...

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Communicating with your Significant Other: 4 Hot Tips

You know those arguments you always have with your significant other?

The ones where you both argue about the exact same thing in the exact same way and get nowhere?

(You load the dishwasher wrong… and you spend too much money!)

Yeah, those.

They might be trivial at the start, but they will inevitably fester and threaten the strength of the relationship over time.

We might nod our heads and agree with that, but when we start trying to think about how to communicate differently—in a way that builds a relationship rather than tearing it down—we get stuck.

We feel like we’re destined to argue about the same thing for eternity.

Here’s the good news, friends: there’s always a way out.*

In fact, that’s exactly what Mollie Eliasof told me last week when she joined me over on Instagram to talk all about relationships.

Mollie is a couples therapist and relationship expert who specializes in helping power couples maximize their success in love and...

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Ninja Tips for Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

find a job Apr 23, 2020

You know that loungewear set from Target that every single fashion influencer in the world just can’t stop talking about right now?

(Yes, that one).

And even though you do an eye roll every time you see it posted, you start to secretly wonder whether you should get it?

And then you add it to your cart?

All because you were told you needed it again and again and again…?

(Sneaky, right?)

Since I just proved to you the magic of constant repetition, I’m back here again to tell you about how essential LinkedIn is for you and your career (even if you’re not job searching right now).

I know I’ve talked about it before, but I’m so convinced that it's worth your time to know how to use LinkedIn that I begged marketing consultant and LinkedIn expert Ash Kennedy of Creative Freedom Social Marketing to share with me her best LinkedIn strategies so that you’d have everything you needed to make your profile stand out.

Before we dive...

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How to Stop Procrastinating

master everyday life Apr 16, 2020

I was listening to a podcast a few months ago, and one of the guests shared a story that made me laugh and feel understood all at once.

She explained that she and her husband had some repairs done on their home and somehow the hot water heater “on” switch was wired to the backyard flood lights.

Not the end of the world, but if they wanted to take a hot shower, they had to turn on the backyard lights.

Now, there was an easy fix to this: a two-minute call to the electrician, asking for a quick visit to get things rewired.

But, as she admitted, she didn’t make this call for six months and spent that time explaining to multiple guests that if they wanted a hot shower they had to head downstairs and turn on the lights before heading back upstairs to the shower.

That’s the part that made me laugh.

How many times have I also put off a two-minute task and ended up dealing with some annoying workaround because that two minute thing felt like TOO MUCH WORK?


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