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Why Decluttering is Important

manage everyday life Aug 20, 2020

A few weekends ago, I cleaned out a corner of our bedroom.

I had been piling things there for months: my (unused) gym bag, some random papers, a shirt I was thinking about returning… anything I didn’t know what to do with.

Every time I walked into our bedroom, I saw that pile.

It was relatively small, but it was clutter.

And that physical clutter was quickly becoming mental clutter.

When you’re surrounded by chaos (even in small, corner sized doses), you can easily get overwhelmed and distracted.

A task or a decision that once was pretty easy feels surprisingly hard.

You feel paralyzed… so less gets done… and the cycle of overwhelm continues.

The good news? All it takes to break this cycle is a good old-fashioned “clean up.”

You can do this in two easy steps:

Step 1: Set your timer for 10 minutes and tackle a single drawer, a cabinet, or even your freezer.

Step 2: Do this again tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. 

Start clearing out the space you live in, and I’m pretty sure you’ll feel a weight you didn’t know you had drop from your shoulders.

Each time I walk in my room now, that cleaned out corner is like a breath of fresh air. It took me just a few minutes to declutter, but the rewards have been invaluable.

What are you going to clean out today, friend? Let me know – send me a DM on Instagram or drop right into my inbox with an email ([email protected]) and I'll cheer you on... just 10 minutes can make a huge difference.


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