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The Magic of 5 Minutes

manage everyday life May 07, 2020

Want to know a secret?

Starting your day with focus and intention doesn’t require getting up super early or having a carefully crafted schedule.

It doesn’t require a magic potion, hot lemon water, or a cold shower, either.

In fact, it just requires one thing: setting your alarm for five minutes earlier.

Yes, just five.

Here’s where the magic comes in.

If you use that five minutes to do one or two small things that calm your heart and remind you of what matters most, you’ll find that your entire day feels better.

You won’t be rushed, frantic, and already late the second your alarm goes off.

Instead, you’ll be reminded of what matters – and that can have a profound impact on how you act and think throughout the day.

Want to try it out?

(I seriously recommend it – and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it, too).

Here are a few ideas on what to do during that five minutes – feel free to pick one or two or choose something else entirely! 

  • Pray
  • Read the Bible
  • Write down three specific things you’re grateful for
  • Practice taking deep breaths
  • Journal
  • Stretch 

I also find having a glass of water (12 ounces or so) really helps me – so feel free to add that in, too.

Let me know what you choose – I’d love to encourage you! You can email me ([email protected]) or find me over on instagram @katie.haahr.


This strategy of waking up earlier is just one of five that I share in my brand new (free!) guide on How to Get your Ish Together. Don’t have your copy yet? Go grab it here – it’s packed with practical tips and tons of encouragement.


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