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How to Get More Done

manage everyday life Aug 13, 2020

Have you ever reached 5pm and wondered what happened to your day?

You woke up early, with all the best intentions, and yet… it feels like someone literally stole hours of your time.

You have no idea what happened or how it happened.

You just know your time disappeared.

And your to-do list feels way too long.

Here’s the thing, friends: our time often “disappears” because we don’t realize how long it actually takes us to do things.

We think we can get fifteen things done in a day, when in reality we can only do nine because we also have to eat, wipe off the counters, respond to that text from a discouraged friend, etc.

The result of misunderstanding how we use our time is that we end every single day feeling discouraged—simply because we assume we can do more than is actually humanly possible.

(We’re so hard on ourselves, aren’t we?)

There’s a simple solution to this problem, though: track your time.

Here’s how you do it: 

  1. For the next one or two days, keep your phone close by and turn on the stopwatch. Each time you start something new, start the stopwatch. 
  1. Whenever you get interrupted or move to something new, hit the “lap” button. 
  1. Repeat this process throughout the day and try to look at your overall numbers every hour or so and take note of any key insights you might find. 

Can you see how many times you got interrupted? 

Do you realize that it actually takes 12 minutes to make and clean up that smoothie… not 3? 

When you have a better sense of how much time it takes you to do something, you can then accurately plan your day… and get rid of that discouraged “I don’t know where my time went” feeling. 

(And isn’t that something we’d all like?)

I’d love to know any insights you have as you try this exercise – send me an email at [email protected] or come say hello on Instagram. I love DM’s!


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