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How to Make Progress on Any Goal in Just 10 Minutes a Day

manage everyday life Aug 06, 2020

Here’s a sneaky little lie that creeps into our thoughts:

I need XXX amount of time to workout/read a book/clean the house/do that thing I want to do… and I just don’t have that amount of time so I can’t do it.

Do you ever find yourself thinking this?

And if so, do you sigh and shrug your shoulders and hope things will be “better” in another few months?

Friends, I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% possible to make progress on the things that matter to you – and it doesn’t involve waking up super early (unless you want it to).

Instead, it involves believing that small things MATTER.

In fact, they matter a lot.

Here’s the truth: You can make progress in 10 minutes a day. It will be TINY progress at first, but it will snowball and you will see actual results.

Want to workout? Get up just 10 minutes early and run outside, do a quick HIIT workout, or get on your yoga mat.

Do this more often than not (aka: be consistent) and you will see results. Even in 10 minutes a day.

Want to read that book? Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to read it for 10 minutes while you eat lunch. 

Do this more often than not (aka: be consistent) and you will see results. Even in 10 minutes a day.

Here’s my invitation to you: think of one thing you want to actually do. I don’t care what that thing is, just pick ONE thing.

Now find 10 minutes in your day to take a step towards it. Schedule the exact time on your calendar or set it as a reminder in your phone. Do it consistently for one month.

And then send me a DM over on Instagram or email me ([email protected]) and tell me the progress you made because I want to celebrate the heck out of you.

(And if you’re unsure HOW to break down that thing you want to do into 10 minute steps, send me a DM, too – I’ll help you brainstorm!) 


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